(Coastal area, East of Athens)

Friday 5th December 2003

Welcoming Party given by The Bookmaker
for our overseas & other visitors -
joining us for our 25th Anniversary Celebration Weekend

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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Hostess Flowery T**t

Old Athens hashers


Gobbler & Ratarsed (visiting from the UK)

F2 & Oxymoron

Self Service, Flowery T**t and a bottle of Sangria

Self Service

The Bookmaker concentrating on opening a bottle of wine

Old Athens hasher

Mountain Goat & Gobbler

Gobbler & Shag

Heavy Breather

Flutterby, Gunga Din & F2

Rim Job

Can't Get Laid

Bookmaker with his selection of Curries - hurrying back to the kitchen

Rogues Gallery
Oxymoron, Mountain Goat & Bogbrush (visiting from the UK)

Gobbler & Ratarsed

Ram Pants (visiting from the UK)

Mountain Goat

Captain Sumo & Pink Jenny

The Bookmaker


The Bookmaker & Doggie Style

Pink Jenny



The Bookmaker

Ratarsed ... "Yea"

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