Kefalari (Mustang Stables)
(Northern Athens)

Run 1345 (Sun. 30th November 2003)

Hares: Camel F**ker

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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Athens Olympic Games 2004 - preparations

Spectacular view of the massive 16,000 ton steel & glass roof
( designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava) being constructed
over the
Olympic Stadium in Maroussi - as viewed from Pendeli mountain.


Hashers gathering near the Mustang Stables

Banger is chosen to carry the hash horn

Twisted Bitch & Smorgasm

The hare Camel F**ker lies about the trail he has set
(a hasher's tradition)

And they are off!
Mash is leading - but racing is frowned upon in the hash

Smorgasm showing early signs of fatigue

For a moment the runners cross the path of the walkers

Running through a gorge

Then on up the mountain side

At a check (circle of flour) the hashers discuss how to pick-up the trail

Up a steep mud bank - is this the hash or a boot camp?

Sleazy Rider disappears into the undergrowth

The FRB's (Front running bastards) are spotted in the distance

Some hashers are tagging along at the rear

Mad Dog & Captain Sumo pose at high elevation

Camel Toe & her dogs

Preparations for the circle


Clitoria & The Bookmaker

Bursting Bladder caught with a water bottle

Smorgasm (note Osama Bin Laden above)

Twisted Bitch & Valerie resting

The Dyke, Bursting Bladder & Multiple Rocket Launcher

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