(N. Central Athens)

Bursting Bladder's & The Dyke's OnOn Housewarming Party
After Run 1344 (Sun. 23rd November 2003)  

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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Hashers eager for the party

One of BB & TD's wood sculptures -
Notice the fine lines of the masculine & feminine protuberances

And one of their prized collection of contemporary ceramic sculptures.
Observe the deep symbolism - the cradling of life-giving water cleverly
balanced by mutual sexual magnetism of the juxtaposed softly-shrouded phallus and the foot actuated vaginal chamber.

The Dyke serving Lisa & Doggie Style.
BB & TD had cooked both Norwegian and Dutch dishes

Playboy2 arrives dressed ready to party!

Lisa, Flutterby & Camel Toe enjoying the food

Small talk on the balcony

Two Moons Rising & Camel F***er

Doggie Style enjoys a joke

Sleazy Rider holds up a bottle of Akvavit

Bursting Bladder sadly had to leave his own party to fly to Rome

Tucking-in! Notice Playboy2 really getting down to it.

Ning & Pheung

Harriettes gather in the kitchen.
Camel Toe, Flutterby, Triple Sex, & The Dyke

Beat Me Up & Mad Dog (with a second helping)

Hash Horrors

Thrush & The Bookmaker

The cake disappears rapidly...



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