(North-Western Athens)

Run 1343 (Sun. 16th November 2003)

Hares: The Bookmaker & Beat Me Up

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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Viewer's Note: Some of our hasher's had attended the Saint Andrews Ball
the night before and were suffering the effects of excessive alcohol consumption combined with sleep deprivation.

Twisted Bitch admires a maple tree

Peter, Clitoria, & Twisted Bitch

Ning with Pheung

And they are off...

It's Clitoria! Ahhhhh!

On up the hillside

Mad Dog - suffering
(Note: Water carried to fight off the effects of alcohol dehydration)

The walkers look cheerful
(Extra Duty, Leanover & Ning with Pheung)

The run continues through the woodlands

Twisted Bitch with her dog Melon disappear round the corner
(Note the fabulous vegetation)

Pop Up & Camel Toe (+ doggie) jog along together

A short rest at a check
(The Bookmaker, Strawberry 4Skin & Clitoria)

Running the gauntlet through a cluster of beehives

Captain Sumo at the end of the run

Ning & Beat Me Up

The circle is opened by JM Strawberry 4Skin
(just back from a long business trip)

Mountain Goat gets the Shit of the Week award

The auctioning of the last bottle of the Athens Hasher's last year's
very own labeled wine - Chateau du Crap

Bursting Bladder, Cocks-n-Balls, Mad Dog, & Men-in-Gytis -
trying very hard to resist the temptation to bid on the wine (?)

Captain Sumo with Pheung

Strawberry 4Skin gives away a packet of dried meat

Mountain Goat attempts to finger another hasher

...But The Bookmaker tries to silence him

...And then Clitoria takes over in her own special way

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