St. Andrews Ball
(Intercontinental Hotel ballroom, Central Athens)

Saturday 15th November 2003
(Reception started at 8.00 p.m.

Photographers: Captain Sumo & Mike

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Viewers warning... you may not recognise these hashers
without their track suits, t-shirts & trainers

At the reception - in the ballroom lobby
(L-to-R Captain Sumo, Ning, Beat Me Up & Bursting Bladder)

Self Service & Bursting Bladder

Captain Sumo & Ning

Doggie Style checks her raffle tickets

Mad Dog & Doggie style head for the dance floor

Dancing to the DJ's music

Mike & Katya

Twisted Bitch sharing a joke

Pop Up & Cereal Whinger preparing for the serious drinking

Heavy Breather relaxing - with Shiva behind

L-to-R: Flying F, Camel F, Two Moons Rising & Katya

Table full of Hashers (we had 3 tables)

Another table

Another view

Shiva (centre) & Heavy Breather (right)

Two Moons Rising chats with Katya

Bursting Bladder with Sticky Fingers

The haggis is brought into the ballroom with great ceremony

...and set on a table in the centre of the dance floor
ready for the ceremonial cutting.

The band from Scotland plays music for the Scottish dancing

Dancing the Gay Gordons

Another view of the band. They were so good last year that
they were invited back to play at this year's event

Having fun with the Scottish dancing
(after a few whiskeys it's difficult to concentrate on the steps)

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