(Eastern Athens)

Run 1342 (Sun. 9th November 2003)

Hares: Cocks-n-Balls & Self Service

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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STOP PRESS: While we were hashing in Athens, Pornski & Spume were hashing in Bangkok
(Picture taken by Spume of Pornski)

Camel Toe with her dogs

Getting ready for the run

Start of the run

More starters

Up and up

Happy Hashers

Mountain Goat admiring the view

View of the Acropolis from Mount Immitos

Going down...

Panoramic view of Athens
(notice the curvature of the earth)

Panoramic view of Athens in another direction

Up the mountain again

On in

Back at the parking area Playboy2 has fun with Clitoria


Men-in-Gitis shows off his bee sting

Captain Sumo's wife Ning with their baby Pheung


Mad Dog

Bursting Bladder lays down to enjoy the autumn sun

...But not for long

Clitoria prepares to pass-on the Shit of the Week award
(she hasn't added anything, so she has to keep it)

Playboy2 jokes with Clitoria

Bookmaker presented Mad Dog with the sign he forgot to remove in Lavrio


Flowery Tw*t awards the Penis back to herself
(She didn't want to let it go)

Captain Sumo gives Mad Dog his 'Lost in Space' award

Rim Job gets the stuffed elephant

Men-in-Gytis gets his first beer DIO
(meanwhile, Rim Job takes care of his elephant)

Pop Up gets a DIO from the holey tankard

Bitchin' fingering

Playboy shows an interest in Clitoria's nipples
(and gets an appropriate response)

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