Athens Marathon

Run 1341 (Sun. 2nd November 2003)

Photographer: The Bookmaker & Captain Sumo

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Banger arrives at the Kalimarmara Stadium
having completed the 42.195 Km Marathon

Beat Me Up finishes the 10 Km mini-Marathon

Two Moons Rising arriving after her 10 Km run


Runners on the way to Central Athens

On the way from Ag. Paraskevi - the 10 Km run

Arriving at the Marble Stadium

The hashers circle in the National Gardens (away from the crowds)

JM Mad Dog & RA Playboy2

Clitoria & Sleazy Rider

Sleazy Rider gets a DIO

(Since this Marathon run was an Olympic Games test event,
the roads were blocked to cars & we were not able to get the beer wagon
and tankards to the circle. So we had to buy beer from a local kiosk and use
styrofoam cups for the DIO's)

Rear Entry gets punished too
(Playboy2 doctored the cup to make it spill)

Rear Entry does his best not to get wet

Bursting Bladder

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