Halloween Party
( Filothei, Athens)

Saturday 1st November 2003

Hostess: Twisted Bitch

Photographer: Snowballs

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Centurion with Sleazy Rider, Dwarf Blower & Two Moons Rising

Flowery T**t - as a cat

Pop Up with Dwarf Blower

Playboy2 with Sleazy Rider

TB's friends

Pop Up with Athens News girl

The Bookmaker makes friends with everybody
(and goes round swapping hats)

Sleazy Rider & Smorgasm

Pop Up poses with a new friend

Oh yea!

Dr. Rim Job taking a break between performing brain operations

Flutterby with Playboy2

Rear Entry in his Gorilla suit

Doggie Style, Mad Dog & Sleazy Rider

The Naughty Schoolgirls - Clitoria & Midnight Screamer

Gorilla sandwich - Rear Entry and the girls

More Gorilla

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