(Northern Athens)

Run 1340 (Sun. 26th October 2003)

Hare: Shiva

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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What? Another virgin hasher recruited on the run

Hashing country!

View from the start of the run

The walkers head up into the hills

This long false trail seemed like a whole hash in itself

Here come the Front Running B's with The Bookmaker leading

More FRB's

Oops, back too soon. Must have picked-up a crossed trail

Some hashers completed the whole run without loosing the trail

Harriettes having a chat

Mad Dog opens the circle

The hare (Shiva) gets a traditional DIO

The circle is amused by Shiva's unconventional hashing shoes

The RA Playboy2 says he has lost property

The owner (Bursting Bladder) is named and punished


Pop Up fills up the beer glasses

Front runners are made to drink from the holey tankard
(The hash is not supposed to be competitive)

Latecomers who forgot to turn their clocks back on Sat. Night

My dog didn't poop on the trail .. honestly!

Sorry, but guilt by association! Sit on a cone!

The Dyke presents Flowery T**t with the ceramic penis hidden in a T-shirt

Flowery T**t drinks her DIO from it. Seems to be enjoying it!

Well, that's one place to keep it ...

And that's another ....

With all the Down Downs given, the tankards have to be kept filled

Rear entry

Our (almost) virgin hasher


Later, at the Taverna in Krioneri

The Dyke, Bursting Bladder & The Bookmaker

Flowery T**t, Men-in-Gitis, Mad Dog & Rim Job

A wandering trio arrives to entertain us

Rear Entry pays them and they play on

Men-in-Gitis rearranges Mad Dog's hair

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