Syngrou Park
(Northern Athens)

Run 1339 (1.00 p.m. Sun. 19th October 2003)


Photographer: Captain Sumo

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Virgin Hasher recruited in the park
(Faster than some of our current members. Probably turn out to be a FRB)

Spooky old derelict church in the park

Pre-run warm-up. Surely those can't be hashers joining in?
(Usual method for hashers to warm-up is a couple of beers)

While waiting for the run to start we entertain ourselves in a circle
(the other participants look puzzled)

Shiva leads the Father Abraham song - with movements

Hashers chat before the run

Bursting Bladder's head - with reflection of sky & clouds

Moving up to the starting line for the 5 & 10 Km run (and walk)

After the run, attention turns to hot dogs and hamburgers

Shiva with a hamburger

Josie eating a ?

Off to the car park for the circle

Circle in the Syngrou Park car park.
Self Service led us in singing (O.K. butchering) the Monty Python song
"I'm a lumberjack" to celebrate the Canadian-inspired charity event.

JM Mad Dog gives Two Moons Rising a birthday DIO

Birthday girl

The raffle was about to start (raffle tickets had been issued in exchange
for donations to the charity) so the circle ended early....
... thus saving huge amounts of beer.

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