(Southern Athens)


Souriza's Valley, near the village of Ag. Konstantinos (old name Kamariza)

Run 1338 (Sun. 12th Oct. 2003)

Hares: Mad Dog & Playboy-2

Part-2: The Circle and the Taverna


Photographer: Captain Sumo

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Flowery Tw*t recovering from the excesses of the previous night

She reacts violently to any disturbance

The circle is formed after the run
(JM Strawberry 4Skin in the pith helmet)

The circle - one side

... and the other side - lots of hashers and visitors today

The hares RA Playboy2 & JM Mad Dog get their DIO's from the
AH3 traditional hospital pisspots

Doggie Style gets punished for mis-leading the walkers
(even though she protested that she didn't)

The front running bastards (FRB's) get punished next

The Bookmaker fingers Mad Dog for changing his wet t-shirt..
and the circle throw beer on his dry one.

Mad Dog takes his punishment

The Aussies get a group DIO

Bursting Bladder is proposed as Beer Master and has to walk
around the circle with a beer on his head to prove his worth.
He sings a Norwegian song as well.

New shoes are spotted ... and the owner Rear Entry is made to
drink from one of them.

Playboy-2 gets his Veteran Hare T-shirt and
has to put it on in the circle.

Proudly wearing it (it's hard earned!)

Smorgasm passes on the penis award to The Dyke

It's been filled with beer and she has to drink it all

(What's he doing?)


DIO's for the Scandanavians

The Bookmaker awards the Wanker of the Week glove puppet to Mash


The RA Playboy-2 tries to rename Flutterby but the circle won't allow it.

Later, at the Taverna in Ag. Konstantinosi

Kum Kwik makes a toast

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