(Southern Athens)


Souriza's Valley, near the village of Ag. Konstantinos (old name Kamariza)

Run 1338 (Sun. 12th Oct. 2003)

Hares: Mad Dog & Playboy-2

Part-1: The Mines, Workshops & the Run


Photographer: Captain Sumo

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The hashers gather for the run (the Ag. Triada church was to the right)

Setting out to explore the ancient silver mines

Entering a passageway to the mines

Some approaches have become overgrown with trees

Pop Up stands at a mine entrance

Going down into a mine.
The smart hashers remembered to bring their torches.

The horrors enjoyed exploring them as much as the hashers.

Another mine entrance

Exiting a mine

A derelict mining-related building from a later period.

After viewing the mines, the runners follow the trail down into the valley.

At the first falsie (a small mine entrance) the front runners go astray

The channel leading rainwater into the ancient water cisterns.
(The water was used to wash and so purify the lead/silver ore before it was
dried and placed in a furnace)

The 2,500 year old cistern still works!

The ore washing workshops

More remains of workshops

Mountain Goat explores a well-preserved ancient ore washery.
(Notice the channels & settlement tanks used to recycle the precious water)

A view of a cistern and it's primary settlement tank.
(Muddy rainwater had to be clarified before it could be used for washing ore)

Cisterns had steps leading to the water. As the water level fell the slaves
could still efficiently collect buckets of water to feed the ore washery tanks.

After the workshops, the trail takes the runners up on the hillside.

They stop here for a Harriettes-only check

View from the check.

The on-in is along a long dirt road on the hillside

Hashers relax with a beer under the pine trees after the run.

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