Ag. Paraskevi
(Northern Athens)

Run 1337 (Sun. 5th Oct. 2003)

Hare: Self Service

Photographer: Captain Sumo

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A local (virgin) hasher

Gathering before the run.
(Notice the tunnels for the new Immitos Ring motorway in the background)

A cave on Mount Immitos

More hashers take a look

A welcome beer stop by a fire watch tower

Beat Me Up and The Dyke at the beer stop

Lost the trail...

Wild hashing country

Watch out for that old water cistern!

A view stop on the mountainside

Clitoria says "The end, at last"

Self Service (The hare) attempts to get the hashers to learn a song.

Bursting Bladder (from Norway)
Appointed to Master of Music and then fired after
singing a Norwegian tune off-key.

The Bookmaker relaxing

Cocks-n-Balls gets the holey tankard

Formosa Flyer (just off to the Punjab)

Hash horror

JM Mad Dog had new shoes, so beer is being poured into his shoe -
through his sock!

Now he has to drink it!
(The antibacterial coating they give to the shoe linings -
gives the beer a strange flavour!)

Our Religious Advisor Playboy-2

Flowery Tw*t reading the hash shit (last week's run report)

The Dyke getting a Down In One

Twisted Bitch gets one too

A virgin hasher with JM Strawberry 4Skin in the circle

Cereal Whinger receives his 25th run badge & mug

The Bookmaker gets the Wanker of the Week award
(a hand puppet - which he stuffed down his shorts)

Clitoria gets the Shit of the Week award (a toilet seat)

JM Strawberry 4Skin

At the Taverna, waiting for the food
(L to R: Mad Dog, Strawberry 4Skin, Virgin, The Dyke)

(L to R: PopUp, Self Service, Leanover, Doggie Style)

Later, at a Cafe in Ag. Paraskevi square

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