Pefki, Island of Evia

Run 1336 (Sun. 28th September 2003)

Hares: Bursting Bladder & The Dyke

Photographer: Camel Toe

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--------------------After the morning run, the Circle --------------------

The Dyke received her virgin T-shirt, and then...

The hares had become engaged on the Saturday night....
so they had to be given a proper Hasher's engagement ceremony.

Flutterby adorns the couple with the leafy wreaths she had made.

They also get grass finger rings

The Dyke and Bursting Bladder enjoy the occasion -
even when they are blessed with beer!

Beat Me Up gets awarded the Hermes Helmet for front running

Parson's Nose (GM from London) takes the circle ..
and presents a strange 'travelling' award (came over from Texas via the UK)
to Doggie Style for complaining about the previous day's long walk.

Aliass took so long giving his 'speech' in the circle that Clitoria,
out of boredom, started doing unmentionable things with the giant stuffed toy.
It was really hilarious!

But Aliass had consumed too many beers and didn't seem to notice
what was going on - which made it even funnier.

Finally, our Greek coach driver was thanked and honoured

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