Pefki, Island of Evia

Run 1335 (Sat. 27th September 2003)

Live Hare: Camel F**ker

Photographer: Camel Toe

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------------------------- The Morning Fun & Games ----------------------

Morning games on the beach outside the hotel.
Four teams are formed.

Each team had to dress a chosen member in as many items of clothes
as possible. Obviously this game involved a lot of stripping off.

Leanover sporting many clothing items. Clitoria has given most of hers.

Doggie Style (from another team) definitely overdressed for the beach.

Each team then had to lay the clothes end-to-end in a line -
the team with the longest line being the winner.
Some last-minute competitive stripping changed the end results!

Dwarf Blower & friend

The beach volleyball challenge

Intense concentration needed!

Meanwhile, the other hashers swam, relaxed and sunbathed

And some drank a beer or two.
(Strawberry 4Skin)

Others hung out at the cafe next to the hotel...
(L-to-R: Parson's Nose, Self Service, Aliass)

----------------------- The Afternoon Run ----------------------

The coach transports the hashers to the start of the run -
- up in the hills behind Pefki. The live hare is to set a trail back to Pefki.

The waterfall and pool at the start of the run. Note the hanging ferns.

The runners & walkers pose before setting off.

L-to-R: Cocks-n-Balls, Aliass (Preston Pete), Rear Entry

On On and up the hillside

View of the pine-covered hillsides
(Where is the hare taking us?)

A fire break made by a bulldozer - to help save the forests in case of a fire.

The hashers pose for a photo (yet again). There's no stopping them!

Aliass admires the view

The steep and slippery bit

Beat Me Up falls over & is helped up by Rear Entry (what a gentleman!)

Pop Up goes to the rescue - a Harriette in distress on the steep bit

Back on the beach, the runners have returned but where are the walkers?
Finally, a rescue party in our coach (in the background) was sent to collect them.
It was dark by then, so the circle was moved to the hotel forecourt.

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