(North-east Athens)

Run 1334 (Sun. 21st Sept, 2003)

Hares: Snowjob.cum & Pink Jenny

Photographers: Captain Sumo & Snowjob

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- After-run BBQ at Snowjob's place -

Perimeter wall of Snowjob's seaside mansion

The magnificent frontal view

A virgin hasher from the Southern USA

Smorgasm and another Virgin hasher
(After this treatment is she going to return?)

The Dyke with Bursting Bladder at the BBQ

Twisted Bitch with Cocks-n-Balls behind

Ram Pants with Cocks-n-Balls

Georgeos the Schinias Municipal Engineer (The walker's guide)

Beat Me Up - Scottie

Bursting Bladder & The Dyke


Beat Me Up - again...

Snowjob's friend about to take a nibble of meat from the BBQ...

Yes! that's good!

Hamish Mc Tavish Esq with Bursting Bladder

Hamish ... jolly as ever!

Doggie Style with daughter Krazie Puppy (visiting from England)

"Hands up who is enjoying the BBQ"

- RIP -
The grave of Twisted Bitch's lovely white Husky dog...
which expired on the mountain during the run.
He was given a special Down-Down in the circle.

-------------------------------------------- SJ's bit --------------------------------------------

On the mountainside overlooking the new Olympic rowing facility

BBQ time in Snowjob's garden

The hash circle in the garden

JM Mad Dog leads some singing

Who's in Snowjobs bed?

Enjoying the BBQ meal

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