Ano Glyfada
(Southern Athens)

Run 1333 (Sun. 14th Sept. 2003)

Hares: Camel Toe + Triple Sex & the Boys

Photographer: Camel Toe & Captain Sumo

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After the run & the Circle at the theatre:

BBQ on Camel Toe's Patio

Hamish McTavish Esq. working hard at the BBQ

Enjoying the end results

Pink Jenny goes for another helping

Captain Sumo in a Sarong


Waiting for the BBQ ...

Pop Up, Bursting Bladder take over the BBQ assisted by the boys

Clitoria brings in her food

Playboy2, Smorgasm, Mad Dog

The Dyke & Pop Up


Pink Jenny takes a quick nap

Pink Jenny & Hamish McTavish Esq. at the BBQ

Mad Dog & Doggie Style

Doggie Style goes for more

Hasher Max gets special treatment

Doggie Style goes for more too

Doggie Style goes for more too

Doggie Style goes for more too

Ram Pants, Bursting Bladder, The Dyke, Triple Sex

Doggie Style, Cocks-n-Balls, Ram Pants, Bursting Bladder

Playboy2 & Flutterby

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