(Southern Athens)

Run 1319 + AGPU (Sun. 08th June 2003)

Hares: Strawberry 4Skin & Mad Dog
(The JM's run)

Photographer: Lilly Whites

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Maria gets punished - but for what?

The RA Playboy-2 in the circle

Clitoria receives the Shit of the Week award -
on behalf of the Mismanagement committee.

More of Clitoria with toilet seat

And another one!
(but then Lilly Whites was the photographer! Ahh!)

Naming Ceremony!
Flaky Bits gets renamed Cereal Whinger
(His dog's name is Kellog)

Flutterby & Triple Sex

The JM's Strawberry 4Skin (in pith helmet) & Mad Dog

Clitoria & S4S having fun (Lilly Whites .. where are you?)

Mountain Goat - chewing his fingers ??

Mad Dog demonstrates new dance hand movement ??

Kum Kwick arrives late and gets punished

Later, the hashers gather at Hamish's pad for the AGPU -
and one of his famous cooked meals for all.

Mountain Goat with a visiting Ex-AH3 hasher.

He was a GM of the Athens Hash about 20 years ago.
(Luckily, Formosa Flyer had kept in touch with him)

The ex-GM says a few words.

Flutterby gives her imaginative awards at the AGPU
(hands made from cardboard and aluminium foil)

S4S tests his award ( a hand with a raised middle-finger)

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