(Nothern Athens)

Run 1316 (Sun.18th May 2003)

Hares: Thrush & Tortoise

Photographer: Snowballs

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The hares (dad & son) get their Virgin Hare T-shirts
But they are given switched over, so Thrush's is too small &
Tortoise's is too large......

The hares get their DIO's

Mad Dog & Gobbler
(Gobbler is affected by the hot sun & feels the need to strip-off)

Twisted Bitch, Two Moons Rising & ....

Two Moons Rising gets the Penis award

Mad Dog & Gobbler get another DIO together

Delhi Boy's son Joe get's his 25th run award (but is a bit shy in the circle)

Afterwards, Joe poses for a photo

Ratarsed & Gobbler demonstrating 'leapfrog' ? in the circle

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