Agistri Island Weekend

Introductory Run 1313 (Fri. 09th May 2003)
Hares: Mad Dog & Aley Arse

Run 1314 (Sat. 10th May 2003)
Hares:  The Bookmaker & Pop Up

Recovery Run 1315 (Sun. 11th May 2003)
Hares: Pornski & Chocolate 4Skin

Photographer: The Bookmaker

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The Friday evening circle

Friday evening circle - another view

Shagfest receives the penis award from Doggie Style

Saturday morning 'Mud Wrestling' with Gobbler & Flowery Tw*t
searching (fighting) for the casino chips.

Saturday ' b-b long' run - group photo

Saturday circle 'Shit of the day' Keith poses with Gobbler

Hasher's naming ceremony - Stephen gets named Horny Blower

Higgins gives Strawberry 4Skin a DIO from an airline sick bag

The Bookmaker leads a group of runners

Group photo from the Sunday run

In the Sunday circle, Gorf receives the 'Shit of the day' award
(Now he must take it to France and pass it on to another HHH group)
STOP PRESS: He has given it to the Canigou HHH (where is that?)

Pamela 2-dogs is named Twisted Bitch
(She won the Twister game on Saturday night & she loves dogs)

Sleazy Rider gets the Penis (PT) award from Shagfest

Sleazy Rider takes her DIO

Likkum presents Parson's Nose (above) with a well-travelled award - originating
from the Washington DC hash
(Parsons Nose will take it to the UK and then pass it on to another HHH group)

Sunday lunch at the Agistri Club

Another table

And another

And another .....

And yet another.....

And another..... did we get everybody?
(We had 80 hashers in total, including about 25 visitors from overseas)

Flowery Tw*t after getting an 'apple pie'
(Apple juice, vodka, cinnamon & cream)

Yark Sucker, another 'apple pie' volunteer ...

She liked it !!!! And so did we......

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