Agistri Island Weekend

Introductory Run 1313 (Fri. 09th May 2003)
Hares: Mad Dog & Aley Arse

Run 1314 (Sat. 10th May 2003)
Hares:  The Bookmaker & Pop Up

Recovery Run 1315 (Sun. 11th May 2003)
Hares: Pornski & Chocolate 4Skin

Photographer: Shallow Entry

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Another victim for the Apple Pie treatment

Bubble wrestling gets out of hand...

Flowery Tw*t & Gobbler demand a ref's decision

Our RA Playboy2 gets a DIO from a rubber chicken administered by Higgins

A DIO beer gets wasted..

Hashers having fun

A short rest on the beach

Our JM Strawberry 4Skin

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