(Near Markopoulou, North East of Athens)

Run 1310 (Sun. 20th April 2003)

Hares: Flowery T**t and F2
(assisted by Men-in-Gytis)

Photographer: The Bookmaker

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The Bookmaker - sporting his award from the previous week

The hares (F2, FT & Men-in-Gytis) get their Down Down's

Oxymoron becomes this week's "Shit of the week"

F2 gets the Penis award

Our Swedish Monika gets named Smorgasm

A congratulatory kiss from the RA
(Playboy-2 never misses an opportunity)

A Smorgasmistic smile

JM Strawberry Foreskin jokes with F2 in the circle

Later, at the Taverna

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