(North of Athens)

Run 1308 (Sun. 6th April 2003)

Hare: The Bookmaker

Photographer: The Bookmaker

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Is this a hash trail or a military assault course?

Crossing the stream using stepping stones.

Out to the open countryside.
Strawberry 4Skin followed by Banger & Camel Toe

Passing an local vineyard (pruned ready for the springtime).
Mash & Dehli Boy, with Banger catching up.

Another stream crossing.

Strawberry 4Skin nimbly steps from stone to stone.

The Bookmaker's rope assists decent down a steep bank.

Back across the stream on the return trail. Who's got wet feet?

The Bookmaker gets his hare's Down Down.

The shit of the week award is passed on again.

The rain gives an excuse to snuggle-up under an umbrella.

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