(Northern Athens)

Run 1305 (Sun. 16th March 2003) 
- St. Patrick's Day run -

Hares: Sleazy Rider & Snowballs

Photographer: The Bookmaker

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On this cold day the hashers gather after the run

JM Strawberry Foreskin starts the circle

The 2 hares get the traditional DIO's in the circle

Hare Sleazy Rider

Hare Snowballs was also last week's Shit of the Week

... And he passes it on to Bursting Bladder

Lilly Whites get's a special DIO for his birthday

And Clitoria gets one as well

AH3 virgins Thrush and Cleopatra and their three children

Tony (another virgin) is welcomed

Time to give a hash name to Tom

Tom gets named The Urinator for reasons we won't go into here.
The green colour is the St Patrick's Day flour for the trail.

The Urinator takes his DIO straight from the 1Litre can

Sleazy rider is given her Virgin Hare t-shirt

Apple Pie time (Apple juice, vodka, cinnamon, then cream topping)

Oops! Too much cream! But Kum Kwik enjoys the experience.

The evidence...

The hares for next week (Bursting Bladder & Monika)

A mixture of green jelly & cream well rubbed in .. a new hair restorer?

The fun gets a bit messy but Bursting Bladder is a good sport

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