Hilton Hotel Area
(Central Athens)
- Annual Red Dress Run -
-A N D-
Run 1300

- Section 2 -

(Sun. 9th Feb. 2003)
Hares: Dwarf Blower & Hamish

Photographers: Sleasy Rider & Snowballs

Hamish McTavish Esq.

Bursting Bladder & Sleazy Rider with Dwarf Blower

Sleazy Rider

L-toR: Thales, Dwarf Blower, Strawberry 4S, Monika, Formosa Flyer

Pussy Galore, Golden Showers & Shiva

JM Strawberry 4Skin in the circle

Banger with the Shit of the Week award


Banger taken by surprise

RA Playboy-2 leaning a bit (maybe the beer?)

Strawberry 4Skin with a 1 litre can of Danish beer from our sponsor Faxe

Playboy2, Sleazy Rider, Snowballs inside the Ploughman's Pub

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