Hilton Hotel Area
(Central Athens)
- Annual Red Dress Run -
-A N D-
Run 1300

(Sun. 9th Feb. 2003)
Hares: Dwarf Blower & Hamish

Photographer: Peter

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Group photo in the Alsos-Syngrou Park (behind the Hilton Hotel)

Bursting Bladder - Men's costume winner

Bursting Bladder shows his (her) stuff

Mad Dog captures some of the event on video

Hamish McTavish - better go easy on the carrots!

Playboy2 gets an irresistible urge

A jolly pose from Pop Up

Where is the trail?

The Alsos park playground - and guess who's going to play?

Clitoria does her Nazi goose step impression climbing onto the slide

Here she comes!

The lovely Dwarf Blower follows

Richard exhibiting his brief underwear

Snowballs tries the slide too - is he carrying a handbag?

If it's there, the Athens Hashers will climb it...

A welcome drinks stop in the park -
Warm mulled wine provided by Dwarf Blower

Back at the car park on Michalakopoulou for the circle

The circle gets under way. Plenty of awards today!

Peter poses for the camera

Later, in the Ploughman's pub...

An intimate moment? Sorry Bursting Bladder. Just kidding!

Hamish & Dwarf Blower

Time to boogie. Playboy & Dwarf Blower get down to it.

Then Mad Dog joins in

Having fun the Hashing way

Snowballs & Hamish - with view of the bar behind

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