Hashing Weekends in Greece




**on lovely SKIATHOS Island**

Do you want to come? read on....


Your wonderful AH3 mismanagement committee

has secured a limited number of rooms at the:

Hotel Lalaria in Megali Ammos, Skiathos for

Friday & Saturday night 26th and 27th May

@ €35 per double room per night including breakfast

ie €70 per room for the weekend [2 nights]

[NB: same price for either single or double occupancy]


**Once these rooms have been filled the cost of any further rooms,

if there are any available at the hotel, may be increased**


TO SECURE YOUR ROOM you must do the following 4 steps:




Book your room with Clitoria by emailing her (see contacts page for e-mail address)


Pay your deposit of €70 online [bank details will be provided when you book]


Send a screenshot of the transaction to Clitoria






The rest of the AH3 costs will be approx €35 each for:

commemorative T shirt, hash runs, booze etc and this will be payable on the island to Hash Cash. The exact amount will be notified in due course.


Please Note:

Extra costs:

meals on the island and transportation to / from Skiathos are not included in this price.


Transport options from Athens:

1. flight from Athens to Skiathos [Olympic air]

2. travel overland to Agios Konstantinos on mainland and then ferry to Skiathos

3. travel overland to Mandoudi on Evia Island and then ferry to Skiathos


Carpooling options can be explored nearer the time.







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Visiting Hasher?
If you are stopping in Athens: Cheap accommodation in the centre...

If you need somewhere central, convenient, clean & economical to stay in Athens, this is ideal - situated right next to the Acropolis and very close to the Metro. The lively Monastiraki & Plaka shopping, restaurants and bars area is also nearby.

(NOTE: Most of our hashers live way out from the centre - in the Northern or Southern suburbs - away from the tourist spots)

The Metro now connects directly with the new International Airport. The metro takes you to the centre of Athens and down to Piraeus to connect with the ferries to the Islands. (See our website http://www.athenshash.com - in the Interest section - for maps of the Metro & Athens, etc).

This is a great place to stay to do some quick sightseeing and tour the tourist areas, bars, etc.

12 Makri Street, Athens 117 42 (beside the Acropolis metro)

(Take metro exit on right, to Athinas Diachou, walk down this street 30 metres, then left into Makri St.)

Tel: +30-210-922-4044 Fax: +30-210-922-4040
E-mail: info@backpackers.gr
Web: http://www.backpackers.gr

.... From 15 Euro per night (2004)

Don't forget to book!

For an excellent & cheap meal & and good beer we recommend the James Joyce Irish Pub - close to Thisio metro station. The pub is an air-conditioned island of tranquility in the middle of a very lively and central location.
See our Hasher's hangouts page for more info.


Examples of Some Past Hash Weekends


20-22 May 2016 Hashing Weekend - seaside town of Xylokastro, Peloponnese  3 runs

22-24 May 2015 Hashing Island Weekend  Greek Island of Salamina in the seaside town of Selinia   3 runs

23-25 May 2014 Hashing Island Weekend  Greek Island of Poros in the seaside town of Poros  3 runs

24-26 May 2013 Hashing Island Weekend  Greek Island of Agistri in the seaside town of Skala  3 runs

25-27 May 2012 Hashing Island Weekend  Greek Island of Aegina in the seaside town of Aghia Marina  3 runs

20-22 May 2011 Hashing Weekend  In the village of  Tyros, Peloponnese   2 runs

28-30 May 2010 Hashing Island Weekend  Greek Island of Andros in the seaside town of Batsi (Kolona beach)  3 runs

29 Sept      2009 Hashing Island Weekend  Greek Island of Aegina in the seaside town of Aegina   1 run

29-31 May 2009 Hashing Island Weekend   Greek Island of Evia in the town of Karystos   3 runs

26-29 Sept 2008 Hashing Island Weekend  Greek Island of Paros in the towns of Naoussa & Marpisa   3 runs
23-25 May  2008 Hashing Island Weekend   Greek Island of Angistri   3 runs

28-30 Sept 2007 Hashing Weekend  In the town of  Tolo, Peloponnese   3 runs

04-06 May 2007  Hashing Island Weekend   Greek Island of Mykonos in the main town    3 runs

15-17 Sep 2006   Hashing Island Weekend  Greek Island of Evia in Eretria town    3 runs

26-28 May 2006   Hashing Weekend   in Tyros, Peloponissos   2 runs

16-17 Sep 2005    Hashing Island Weekend   Greek Island of Aegina in Aegina town    3 runs

27-29 May 2005    Hashing Island Weekend   Greek Island of Naxos    3 runs

25-27 Feb  2005   Porto Germano weekend (The Bookmaker's 600th run / 80th trail)

16-18 July 2004   Interhash Prelube & Pre-Olympic weekend in Mycenae        3 runs

13-14 Mar 2004    Skiing Weekend   Parnassos, Greece    Apollo (+others) Hotel, Delphi

26-28 Sept 2003   Hashing Island Weekend   Greek Island of
Evia  at Pefki    2 runs

09-11 May 2003
  Hashing Island Weekend   Greek Island of Agistri    Agistri Club

01-02 March 2003   Skiing Weekend  Parnassos, Greece    Apollo Hotel, Arahova

20-22 Sept. 2002   2nd Greek Nash Hash  Greek Island of  Poros    3 runs hosted by 3 hashes

14-16 June 2002   Games Weekend  Greek  Island of  Agistri   Agistri Hotel  (www.agistri.com)

24-26 April 2002   Hashing  Island Weekend     Greek Island of  Aegina   3 runs

02-03 February 2002   Skiing Weekend    Kalavrita   in the Peloponnese, Greece

31 Aug - 02 Sept 2001  1st Greek Nash Hash  Greek Island of Skopelos      3 runs by 3 hashes

18-20 May 2001    Hashing Island Weekend    Greek Island of  Tinos    3 runs

09-11 March 2001   Skiing Weekend    Kalavrita   in the Peloponnese, Greece

07 October 2000   Hashing Island Weekend    Greek Island of  Kea     3 runs

14-16 July 2000    Away Weekend    Porto Germano     3 runs

28 May 2000   Island Run     Greek Island of  Aegina   1 run    (Bagdad Hash reunion)

19-21 May 2000   Hashing Island Weekend    Greek Island of   Andros   2 runs

04-05 March 2000   Skiing Weekend    Kalavrita   in the Peloponnese, Greece

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